March 15, 2019



Business in a Digital Transformation Track

Topics include:

  • Transforming a legacy process (How can people impact these processes?
  • Ratcheting Up Customer Engagement In A Digitally World.
  • Why Your Digital Transformation Initiatives will likely fail and what to do about it so they don’t.
  • Growing your Audience and Mastering the Customer Journey
  • Capture Your Customers Attention with Innovative Content on a Community Platform

People in a Digital Transformation Track

Topics include:

  • Disrupter, disruption, or disrupted, what will your organization be?
  • How mature is your digital strategy?
  • Effect of digital transformation on business (Impact and ROI)
  • Laying Digital and cultural expectations
  • How to sell products/services in a digital world.

Technology in a Digital Transformation Track

Topics include:

  • New fangled tools!
  • Making the most of customer data platforms- data storytelling
  • AI and its importance in digital transformations
  • Secured digital environments
  • Embedding Predictive Analytics into business processes to drive operational value
  • Navigating through Machine Learning Challenges
  • How to Strengthen UX with Tactical and Strategic Involvement

Hands On Track

We’ll have a bunch of opportunities for you to learn how to use stuff.