March 13, 2020



Investing in Digital Technology

Join us at the 2020 Triad Digital Technology Conference as we explore how others have invested in Digital Transformation: what has been their digital journey? Learn what new skills you need to remain competitive in this era. Understand the digital culture that must be created in your organization. Peer into what’s waiting around the corner for the next generation of digital technology.


Boosting Digital Presence in Healthcare

Learn how healthcare providers are investing in digital technology to change the way care is delivered.

  • James Gledhill Profile James Gledhill

Investing in Clean Architecture will Prepare Systems for the Speed of Change Needed for Deploying Digital Technology

How does implementing Clean Architecture practices support the need for speed.

  • John Richardson Profile John Richardson

Rethinking Investment Valuation for the Agile Methodology

Conventional capital budgeting or cost benefit analysis doesn’t truly capture the essence of flexibility offered under the Agile methodology. A new dynamic valuation approach is required as a supplement to the conventional approach. This presentation will outline an approach that provides the flexibility of being able to choose a course correction for the initiative from several options.

  • Prashant Dixit Profile Prashant Dixit

Coding That Sparks Joy With Quarkus

Does your heart beat faster when you’re developing your Java application? Does it spark joy when you’re coding? If not, then it’s time to leave some old ways behind.

Join us on this live coding session and get familiar with Quarkus. You’ll learn to love how your old and new favorite APIs will start in a matter of milliseconds and consume tiny amounts of memory. Hot reload capabilities for development will give you instant sparks of joy!

  • Edson Yanaga Profile Edson Yanaga

How to Ensure Strategic Goals Align with the Realities of Implementing Technology Initiatives

Investing in digital technology pre-supposes that you will get a return on your investment. How do you ensure that digital technology investments align with your strategic goals?

  • michael-goff Profile Michael Goff
  • Dustin Welty Profile Dustin Welty

Launch is Only the Beginning; Planning the Post-launch Investment

Building a post-launch investment strategy for your digital product can mean the difference between successful long-term adoption and failure to realize a return on the build-phase investment. When a first version or new feature is launched, it’s just the beginning. How should the product team organize and what should their focus be? Too often digital products are built or implemented but don’t deliver the promised business value. In order to maximize success, the product team must execute a plan for technical support, user support, and most importantly an activation and adoption plan.
  • Marty Balkema Profile Marty Balkema

Asessing and Building your Team's E-Commerce Capabilities in an ever changing marketplace

In a quickly moving e-commerce marketplace, it can be difficult to take the time to assess your team’s current capabilities and then create roadmaps to ensure your team is performing to the best of it’s abilities and, most importantly, keeping pace with market trends. We will look at how to assess/matrix each piece of the business, establish capability levels and definitions for bench-marking talent and then discuss the best way to create development plans that will drive the team to the next level of performance.
This topic explores how to get the most value from your e-commerce team so that you can understand where to apply technology.
  • April Whittington Profile April Whittington

Design Thinking is Bullsh*t. Long Live Design Thinking.

According to a recent study by the Design Management Institute, design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P Index by 219% over 10 years. And according to Parsons New School, 69% of design-led firms perceive the innovation process to be more efficient with design thinking.

You’ve heard of design thinking as a way to solve problems through user research, novel ideas and rapid prototyping. Maybe you’ve even participated in a design thinking workshop before. While design thinking can be a powerful methodology, detractors argue the results lead nowhere. Novel ideas with non-actionable delivery. Concepts with no buy-in. Roadmaps with no roads. Meanwhile your day-to-day responsibilities creep back in (or perhaps they never left) while all those collective insights get put aside, never to appear again. In effect, bullsh*t. Yet design thinking lives on. Why? Join Eric Ellis as he dives into the true value of design thinking “underneath the phases” by looking at common pitfalls and using first-hand cases studies and useful tips from his work at Airbnb, Google, Dropbox, Intuit, and more.

  • Eric Ellis Profile Eric Ellis

PODS - Mack/Volvo Truck's Digital Building Block

Digitalization of business operations requires significant change management. We must change the way people work, the way systems are designed and interact; and, most importantly, we must change the way we think about doing business in the burgeoning Age of Consciousness, aka – AI. Digitalization requires us to abandon our siloed ways of thinking in favor of a more holistic, end-to-end, value chain based points of view that transcend silo boundaries. Traditional change management practices are an attempt to “explicitly” effect change via training, documentation, leadership speaking directly to staff, etc. This can be particularly difficult in a highly confederated or siloed culture where it may lose fidelity and results in process misalignment. Good news, we can leverage Enterprise Architecture to provide the building blocks for “implicit” governance and change management so technical changes can occur ahead of the social changes and in effect implicitly guide social change via technical interfaces. Mack/Volvo NA has taken the first steps towards such an architecture with its latest technical capability: PODS – Portable Operational Data Services. PODS is a data access service that guides data publishers and data consumers to the best outcome via intuitive self-service interfaces and automation. In this presentation, I’ll share the PODS evolution, purpose, guiding principles behind its design and how it has become a building block for digitalization, rapid development, reducing IT’s footprint, and standardizing Mack/Volvo’s data access service contracts.
The presentation will show how a company’s Enterprise Architecture can implicitly drive change that leads to the desired business outcome, aka – business value.
  • Shawn Fitzgerald Profile Shawn Fitzgerald

Best Practices in Modern UI Design & Communicating Design Concepts to SW Developers

How do you get User Experience design ideas across to User Interface or Front End developers?

  • Steve Vest Profile Steve Vest

What happened to Blockchain?

Why 2018’s technology buzzword has dropped off the radar.

  • bryce porter Profile Bryce Porter

UX vs UI

What is the difference? Really.

  • Taylor Webster Profile Boyd Taylor Webster

Panel Discussion: Investing in Digital Technology in the Triad

Room: Auditorium

A panel of technology leaders from Greensboro and Winston-Salem discuss how the Triad community is investing in infrastructure to raise the capabilities of Digital Technology in the region.

The panelists will be:

Rob Robless, moderator

Peter Marsh, Flywheel Coworking

Bobby Davis, Coder Foundry

TBD, UNC Greensboro

TBD, Wake Forest University

  • Rob Robless Profile Rob Robless, PhD
  • Peter Marsh Profile Peter Marsh
  • bobby-davis - Natosha Sanders Profile Bobby Davis