July 15-17, 2020

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5 Reasons To Learn Java Script

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The once disliked, misunderstood JavaScript has become the dominant programming language of the web. Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language used to make webpages interactive and provide online programs, such as video games. It’s a language a serious web developer must learn, here’s why.

  1. It’s Easy to Start

You can start coding with JavaScript straight from your browser, because there’s no need to set up environments and code editors. JavaScript that requires no installation and no configuration, and it works on any platform. Oh, and it’s free.

And although mastering it becomes more complicated, the basics of JavaScript are easy to grasp. This is especially the case if you already know HTML, CSS, or object-oriented programming.

  1. It’s Everywhere

From browsers to Internets of Things devices, from client-side to server-side, you can’t hide from JavaScript. JavaScript is used by 99% of the top websites in the world, and there is no immediate competition. As websites are becoming more interactive, JavaScript is being used more and more in order to run different programs such as polls, quizzes, advertisements, and games. Considering how many services are going online, JavaScript’s growth doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

  1. It’s Powered by Community

As JavaScript’s use continues to grow, so does its user community. The programming world can be isolating at times, but a large community provides support and connection. Knowing JavaScript opens you up to a thriving community of users and developers who are constantly giving and receiving help.

Additionally, the larger a community, the more people will be building useful tools to make development in that particular language easier. There are also numerous websites offering free tutorials and training in JavaScript programming, which can help you stay motivated.

  1. It’s in Demand

JavaScript is one of the most sough-after technologies in the job market right now. People now use websites to pay bills, shop, check weather, play games, among other things, so there is an ever-increasing demand for heavily interactive, high-functioning websites.

The top tech companies consistently list JavaScript as one of the top skills needed for their employees, and JavaScript developers are regularly among the highest paid programmers. Learning JavaScript may help you earn a higher paying job or promotion.

  1. It’s Versatile

Over 20 years since it was first introduced, JavaScript’s capabilities are still growing. Many developers and businesses have begun to use JavaScript to extend outside of the browser. This means today you can find JavaScript running desktop & mobile apps, servers, databases, and even physical hardware. JavaScript’s versatility ensures that it will continue to grow quickly and stay relevant in the years to come.

Additionally, if JavaScript is your first programming language, it can act as a good springboard into learning other languages. Because it’s so versatile and works well paired with many platforms and languages, you will likely find that JavaScript can help you solve many challenges as you progress your career.

It’s never too later or too early to start learning JavaScript. Want to learn the basics of the most used programming language in the world? Register for the 4th Annual Triad Developers Conference, held on March 9th in Winston-Salem, NC. Bring your laptop and take part in the Introduction to JavaScript Workshop. Dive into the syntax, intricacies, use cases and ecosystem of this versatile web development language.