July 15-17, 2020

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What innovations will 2018 hold? Technology is changing at a relentless pace, and the most successful companies will need to be agile, hire top talent, and embrace emerging technologies. This year, rather than prepare for a technological revolution, we will most likely see existing and emerging technologies mature and reach their potential. Here are some trends to watch.

  • 1. Artificial Intelligence

Conversations about Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) place in our everyday lives will continue to heat up in 2018. Some say 2018 will be the year of chatbots, the coming of age of AI and NLP. At the Triad Developers Conference, we will go beyond the hype and talk about real world use cases within financial services where AI and chatbots have an important role to play. We will have a code walkthrough and demo of a common financial service usecase using voice and test chatbot, using tools like Amazon Alexa and api.ai. This will cover the aspects of intent design, security and performance.

  • 2. Digital Transformation

Success of any business relies on how well a company meets its customers’ needs and expectations. Yet, these needs and expectations are rapidly changing, creating a need for a faster deployment of a digital transformation strategy. Companies spend tremendous amounts of time and money on research to better understand customers and senior decision makers are served up executive briefs that distill all of those insights into actionable recommendations. Generally, the more senior you are, the more distant you tend to be from end-users and that can lead to disastrous decisions and missed opportunities. Want to get closer to your consumers? We’ll explore how you can become a champion for your customers, and in turn, a hero to your company.

  • 3. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality will change how people interact with the internet. Time to delve into how these technologies will impact and change how we think about application development, as well as, how a development organization must change to meet the cultural changes that VR and AR will bring. Stepping into the commercial market, AR and VR technologies are set to deliver more immersive experiences without the need to shut yourself off from the rest of the world. In the upcoming years, there will be a focus on hiring engineers that understand both virtual and augmented reality in order to build efficient and exciting experiences for brands and companies alike.

  • 4. Cyber Security

It’s no secret that cyber security hacks are on the rise. In order for business to build customer relationships, they will need to take additional steps to secure data. Over the next year, we’ll see the line of defense change with threat detection capabilities embedded into platforms, supporting everything a business does. There’s an increasing focus on internal expertise, meaning CIO’s will need to be able to measure the efficiency of their security in order to be proactive and predictive. Ready to get a good night’s sleep? Learn how to safeguard your systems in the Digital Age from a panel of cyber security leaders.

  • 5. Fintech

While bitcoin and blockchain were dominating splashy headlines in 2017, social and mobile payments were changing the financial markets. More and more transactions are being completed on mobile devices, and this year we will see the customer experience become increasingly mobile. New technologies have the potential to change the way we carry out transactions. This year, biometrics like facial recognition, voice ID, and fingerprints are set to make their way into how we pay, thus making shopping far quicker.

In this era of innovation, the only trend you can be sure of is that the future will look very different from today. As technologies shift from hype to mainstream, it is crucial for decision makers to adopt in order to prepare for what is to come.

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